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We need an email address so we can let you know when your data is ready, and send you an invoice.

We'll also join you up to where your data and farm boundaries will be stored. If you're already a member, you can use this site without a password, but we'll ask for one if you want to order for an existing farm.

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The website steps you through

  • making a new farm (or choosing an existing one)
  • uploading/drawing/editing paddock boundaries
  • choosing a year and season for your order
  • choosing which paddocks the order applies to
  • and finally paying for your order.

It's also good for creating a basic farm map - you don't have to proceed to payment. You can download your boundaries (and do many other things) using PASource. You can also use this website to access a current summary of all your paddocks, and update existing orders.'s sister site, has a similar process for ordering Landsat imagery for a whole farm back to 1999, and working with it.

Signing up

We need your email address so that we can send you an emails containing the images, and a copy of your invoice (if applicable). We'll also join you up to where your data and farm boundaries will be stored. Membership is free, and will give you access to your image archive at any time. PASource will also give you tools to print, interrogate and share your historical images. Terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you create a new farm using, you'll receive an email providing options to add/edit your boundaries, and access your membership. If you don't receive the email soon after signup, please check your junk folder.

If you've used before and want to set a password, put in your email address, click 'check', select 'use a farm in PASource', and click the orange 'Set password' button.


Like any satellite imagery, can be affected by cloud. We have no control over your weather as the Sentinel and Landsat satellites pass over (wish we did!). If an image is partly affected by cloud we will provide it but alert you to cloud being present. It's also possible that scattered clouds can escape the cloud detection algorithm. It is your responsibility to judge whether an image has been affected by cloud, and hence how useful it is. The 'natural colour' overview images at the start of each email are particularly useful for this. Look for the cloud indication symbols when your imagery arrives.

If there is heavy cloud cover we will not provide the image as it unfortunately has no value.

When your imagery email arrives

If you have ordered imagery after the start of a season, your first email will contain the most recent image. If it has been affected by cloud, it may appear 'empty'. At the end of each email (and linked from the contents), there is a list of links to previous images, together with cloud indications. These can be used to open the images quickly and simply in your browser.

If the season started more than two weeks ago and your email hasn't arrived within two days of ordering, please check your 'promo' or 'spam' folders. If your order has been submitted correctly, you should receive an invoice email within half an hour of payment.